Superfast Broadband stimulus comes from YTKO Group

The government’s Superfast Broadband scheme aims to deliver 90 per cent broadband coverage in the UK by 2015, committing £530 million to stimulate commercial investment to roll out rural high speed broadband.

To ensure the take-up by business and communities is high, YTKO Group has been selected to stimulate superfast broadband demand in Devon and Somerset, where a £56 million infrastructure budget has been agreed.

After a rigorous selection process involving a number of strong contenders, Devon County Council and Somerset County Council, and their district council partners, awarded two key elements of the Superfast Broadband support programme to YTKO Group. With more than 30 years’ experience of helping ambitious businesses succeed, YTKO Group’s unique blend of commercial and technical expertise is ideally suited, says YTKO Group founder Peter White, to promoting the benefits of superfast broadband.

Under the terms of its new Business Support contract, YTKO Group will work to increase firms’ awareness of internet opportunities, using dedicated business advisors, and practical workshops. YTKO Group will also provide mentoring for businesses keen to embrace better connectivity, and training local business leaders, so that Devon and Somerset enterprises can, in turn, help their peers.

The parallel Skills Development project allows firms and communities alike to get the most from superfast and existing broadband, providing the latest knowledge, and increasing the on-line capabilities of local people.

Commenting on the contract win, Peter White said: “The roll-out of Superfast Broadband can boost the economy, by giving people unfettered access to the internet. But we all need to know exactly how best to harness this power, and how businesses and communities can work more effectively, in new ways.”

It is a UK ‘Big Build’ says Peter, that, in the words of the government’s delivery organisation, Broadband UK, promises big wins.

“YTKO Group’s experience is in providing support programmes that make a real change. We plan to offer advice, information and tools that will help enterprises and communities of all sizes in Devon and Somerset to fully exploit the superfast internet of the future.

“Whether it’s going global, selling more, collaborating, or being able to compete better, we are giving them, with superfast broadband and our support, all they need to succeed.”