Brand Management

Building a brand is increasingly vital for small businesses; it can differentiate your products and services from competitors, and ensure your offer cuts through the clutter in a busy marketplace. A clear sense of brand also creates a strong platform from which you can build up your business, which is crucial for ambitious companies.

In today’s highly competitive SME environment, it’s crucial for businesses to articulate a point of differentiation to increase the chance of gaining a foothold – something that genuinely distinguishes the brand and its offering from others.

Brand management helps consumers to understand what your company or product stands for. When a company presents themselves in a professional way, and when there is social proof that their products and service are high quality, prospects will trust it and feel more comfortable giving it their hard-earned money.   Trust and reputation are everything – and can be destroyed in an instant by a mis-step.

If you give consumers a reason to care and feel something about your brand, they have a reason to buy. Many people make purchasing decisions based on emotions not logic, so create an emotion in your prospects every time they see your brand. Brand loyalty is one of the best ways to get referral or word-of-mouth business. This is why it’s important that your logo, marketing, messaging and actions work cohesively to form a lasting impression on consumer minds.

No matter what size they are, the most successful businesses are the ones that have established themselves as a leader in their industry or sector by creating a strong brand. And, when these businesses focus on building valuable customer experiences, they easily transform customers into brand ambassadors.

In addition to our brand consultancy services, we also offer a brand management workshop, giving you practical insights into the principles of developing a strong value proposition, and building a strong brand that exemplifies who and what you are.

I worked with the GetSet For Growth team to get a clearer idea of my target customers and what appealed to them – this knowledge has helped me to develop new services and generate more repeat business.

Louise Jones

Food for Thought Cookery School