Offline Communications

The choice between online and offline communication can be confusing, but the simple fact is there is rarely just one channel that should be used exclusively to engage your prospects. Choosing the right channels at the right time is critical. 

Customers switch between physical and digital worlds freely while they move through the buyer’s journey.  The Internet does not change the fact that businesses have been successfully driving sales through a range of offline tactics for years.  Many companies now use a mix of online and offline marketing techniques to drive more traffic to their business and generate more sales. 

Companies that build on traditional principles and adopt a customer-centric approach will be able to build a stronger reputation, both online and offline, which will breed the customer loyalty needed to make their communications campaign more successful. Understanding where your prospects find their information at different stages is vital.

Print media such as flyers and brochures can radiate reliability and value, and have a more trustworthy effect on older and hyperlocal target audiences in particular. Plenty of businesses still post information about their services and offers to potential clients by mail or through catalogues. Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads. 

Even in the age of smartphones and the Internet, your potential customers are still paying attention to the printed word, and you can boost your sales by advertising in magazines and newspapers. 

Formats such as TV, cinema and radio commercials are still an option as they continue to have a large reach and are useful for reaching a broad audience.  Mobile, ambient and outdoor media – taxi/bus advertising, bus stops and train stations, the sides of buildings, things like motorway service station loos, tube hanging straps, billboards, supermarket trolley handles and petrol pumps and many other similar options – may be highly appropriate for your business.

Then there is the world of trade shows and exhibitions, speaking or delivering workshops at conferences, press and public relations to think about in your tactical offline mix – as well as integrating everything with your digital marketing.

It is more important than ever that businesses engage their customers with relevant, timely messages and content, delivered through the right channels for the type of message and the type of ideal prospect.  When fully integrated, offline and online marketing techniques will support and amplify one another and be much more effective.

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Kate King

Founder, Holistic Health