Business Engagement

As B2B demand generation specialists for over forty years, we employ a team of highly experienced marketers. Our unique ‘triple-braided approach’ to demand generation, combines proactive outreach, partner and channel engagement, and direct marketing, where our mantra is “Be everywhere relevant”.

There are two essential components required for all marketing strategies to maximise business engagement: a deep understanding of the target audience, not just “the market”, and a compelling value proposition clearly differentiating from the competition. Our experience with engaging and supporting growth SMEs – and being one ourselves – has given us an unrivalled knowledge of and insight into the different personas, needs, attitudes, and the common and specific challenges they face on the growth journey.  

Critically, we speak their language. We know how they find information.  We know what puts them off and makes them cynical and resistant. We understand and practice segmentation. We talk benefits, not features; outcomes not outputs.  We’re business people, like them, not ‘advisors’. 

In essence, our triple-braided approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in reaching the target for business engagement. It combines three distinct but intertwined engagement and demand generation strategies: outreach, partnerships and direct.  These strategies are all included in one over-arching marketing plan, and content is repurposed across and for all channels.   

We deliver a fully integrated, pervasive and sustained programme of communications activities, across a target area, constantly monitoring RoI from each campaign, channel and tactical activity, to ensure pipeline numbers and conversions of the right profile are on track to ensure the deliverables.   

Outreach simply means what it says on the tin – proactively getting out, and having a presence in person and/or with literature wherever the specific target audience is, not sitting behind a desk and waiting for the phone to ring.  

Partnership working is a core part of our collaborative ethos. Over the last decade we’ve built a national network of partners of all kinds, from corporates like WorldPay and Google down to local voluntary and community organisations. Successful partnerships generate good client referrals, joint marketing and support activities, and external championing of the project benefits.  

YTKO has core and in depth knowledge across all marketing communications tactics and channels – effective marketing, business development and sales functions are the engine drivers of high growth. 

Our communications typically include an effective blend of marketing techniques such as ads, print, mobile and ambient media, radio, events, social media, (LinkedIn and Twitter in particular) e-marketing and digital marketing campaigns, driving people to the web and freephone to find out more/take action. 

Our methodology has been executed in a wide range of Local Enterprise Partnership areas, exceeding reach and engagement objectives with the right profile audience. To date, we have supported over 22,000 SMEs of all sizes, stages, profiles and sectors, reaching many more than that number in order to select those into our client pipelines