Mentor Programme Development

Mentoring is a common developmental approach which can produce excellent results for the mentor and the mentee. Its popularity can perhaps be accounted for by virtue of it being a low-cost yet highly personalised approach to development, and the willingness of businesses to give-back to help others. Our mentor recruitment and programme management service can help your local businesses to take full advantage of these benefits.

The role of the mentor is one of independent support to the mentee. The mentor will listen and give advice and guidance, challenge and support, focusing on developing capability by working with the mentee to help them realise their potential and goals.

The mentee should always be responsible for their learning and development and setting the direction and goals for the relationship. The flow of learning is two-way in a mentoring relationship and the mentor often gains as much as the mentee, and we consistently receive great value from both sides of the arrangement.

YTKO have a wealth of expertise in creating, animating and managing mentor programmes and peer to peer communities. We work together with you to:

  1. Co-design the programme format
  2. Recruit and train mentors
  3. Match mentors and mentees
  4. Ongoing pair monitoring
  5. Follow up and impact measurement

Support from experienced business people is invaluable to most SME founders and senior teams, and can either stand alone or be embedded within all our other brands and services to enrich and extend the support on offer. Mentor programme development can help your team, and your business to grow.

GetSet For Growth is a great resource, a blessing that it is funded with mentoring support where needed.

Ruth Argles

Communications Lead, Faithworks