Grant Management Services

We have a team of specialists who can help maximise the impact of your grant fund to its beneficiaries through our grant management services.

We can help in all aspects of your grant programme, from supporting its initial design, to assessment of potential applications, where our team can take applicants through your specific grant application framework, to ensure resulting forms that are high quality and complete.

Our marketing teams will execute compelling marketing campaigns to achieve maximum reach of your grant programme, utilising a variety of marketing channels. We can build strategies to target specific geographies, sectors, and demographics, including hard to reach individuals.

Our grant management services include:

  • Having understood your business objectives, we can help design a grant programme which meets an identified gap/community requirement.
  • Application process management, including the creation and management of digital application portals
  • Outreach and marketing of availability of grant programme to target groups
  • Provision of advice to hopefuls in the application process, through to assessment of applications by experienced, qualified assessors
  • Administration of grants including due diligence on grantees and fund payments
  • Research and assessment into the impact of funding