Productivity & Technology

Two of the biggest factors affecting how productive and successful your company can are the skills, practices and knowledge of the leadership team, and your use of technology. There are significant bottom line benefits to be gained. These include an average 18% improvement in sales per employee from using a CRM system, 25% average productivity benefit for companies using two or more business technologies, and 12% sales per employee from digital accounting.

Technology helps you increase business efficiency, improve quality and consistency, enable remote/flexible working, unlock new areas of business growth, better understand your performance, increase the effectiveness of your marketing, and improve profitability.

After determining what issue would like to fix in terms of productivity & technology, or which goal that you want to achieve, it is important to calculate the likely return on your investment. Is it going to benefit your customers and your efficiency as a company? What do you need to spend in order to achieve that return, and what specific features and functionality do you need? Deciding these things at the start will help you choose the best option, and once implemented, you can do a proper review against these goals and benefits to make sure it is delivering.

YTKO can help you develop the most effective digital strategy to improve your marketing and sales performance, show you how to benefit from customer analytic tools to unlock the potential from your customer data. We can also help you work through the process of finding the right software to improve your business performance and operational efficiency, and much more. We can help you to harness the benefits of productivity & technology for your business.

GetSet For Growth advised me on how to refine the data I capture from my company website. This in turn helped me to better manage and monitor my customers.

Matthew Wilks

Director, mansa Cleaning Services