Growth Opportunity Assessment

A growth opportunity assessment is the process of synthesising market research and client data to identify opportunities for growth in a specific market or business area and formulate an actionable strategy to realise this growth.

You may be considering a variety of new business ideas and market opportunities, but not all of them are worth pursuing. It’s important to narrow down your options and make sure you focus on the ones that have the highest potential for success.

Understanding and making the most out of opportunities in a constantly shifting environment and market requires an intrinsically creative, flexible and methodical approach. Not many organisations have the time, the resources or the expertise to conduct a broad and thorough market opportunity assessment. 

YTKO can provide the research and analysis for you as part of your growth opportunity assessment, and assist you in the development of a full business plan from your opportunity and business case assessment.  This is often completed as a follow on from attendance at one of our Growth Accelerators, once leaders have expanded their capability for growth and want to take the next step in ensuring that they really are focused on the best growth opportunities and have the most effective strategy in place.

We’ve gone through a really exciting opportunity for growth with an investor coming on board. The GetSet for Growth team helped me to focus my marketing ideas and reassure me on some of our financial processes.

Ben Franks

Founder, Novel Wines