Mentor & P2P Communities

We put mentorship and community at the heart of entrepreneurship

Being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities for entrepreneurs. Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor can provide their mentee with a broad range of personal and professional benefits, which ultimately lead to improved performance. Our mentor and P2P communities provide this. 

It is natural for people to want to communicate with other like-minded individuals, so creating a friendly space, whether F2F or online, for them to connect and share with their peers, presents great opportunity for generating economic and social value. Which is why YTKO has been delivering them for nearly 20 years. 

YTKO can help you to set up a mentoring programme to deliver the results you are aiming to achieve. We offer mentoring for start-ups, growing businesses and more experienced business professionals. We can provide online mentoring platforms to a lighter touch ‘self-help’ solution, all the way through to intensive, highly managed interventions.

As business engagement is a core YTKO expertise, we easily recruit and then train mentors to ensure they achieve maximum impact with their mentees.

Many of our programmes already offer P2P communities as part of our service.  We deliver both mentoring and P2P networks as stand-alone services, and they can be general, geographic, gender or sector specific, or embedded within a current project to extend and enrich its reach and impact. Click here to get a flavour of the rich variety of our expertise.