Change & Risk Management

Running and growing a successful business means managing change, risk and resilience effectively.  The larger you grow, the more important these strategic management functions become – especially if you’re facing rapid or high growth opportunities. 

Business resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to major disruptions, safeguard your people and assets, while maintaining as a minimum, enough business as usual to ensure your survival and fast recovery.  Critical steps in becoming a resilient organisation is a robust understanding of what your vulnerabilities are, implementation of a prioritised plan to address them, consideration of potential business risks, their likelihood and their impact, and a mitigation plan.

YTKO can help you create and execute a thorough business resilience plan to help ensure that you remain in business, can pivot quickly, and come out of a crisis successfully and as quickly as possible.

Rapid growth can also be a major risk.  What happens if your orders double overnight or you win twice as many contracts as you expected?  How will you ramp up staffing and operations sufficiently quickly whilst maintaining great quality?  Are systems and processes in place to be able to double your headcount, and do your managers have time to onboard them effectively?

However fast or steadily you grow, you and your business are in a state of more or less constant change; and change has risks.  You’ll be bringing in new people, buying new physical assets, expanding premises or opening new ones, add management structures, and formalising back office functions such as IT and HR.  Adding costs puts more pressure on sales and marketing and productivity levels. 

Change management for business is a structured approach for ensuring that such changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented. YTKO can help you assess the impact of the changes on people, process and structure, determine key success indicators, and plan the activities needed to address the impacts of the change, and achieve lasting benefits.

GetSet For Growth has given us the skills and confidence in preparing to move the business forward so that we can be equipped to deal with the exciting challenges ahead. The changes we have made has ensured better business efficiency and a drastic increase in our working knowledge, enabling us to spend more time on the big decisions.”

Mark Gordon

Managing Director, Benson & Clegg