Value Proposition Development

Businesses and their brands need to convince potential customers quickly of the added value their product or service will bring compared to their competitors – otherwise known as value proposition development.

A strong value proposition is an essential tool for helping accelerate your sales process and engender post-sales customer loyalty, and the most meaningful metric to differentiate you and gain that vital competitive advantage. 

Getting the value proposition right is the result of sound prospect knowledge and market understanding rather than ‘gut-feel’ – and the foundation of business performance. Value is developed within a company from a deep understanding of prospects’ needs and wants, and customer intimacy. This provides the knowledge of what values are most important to deliver through product and service innovation and operational excellence.

For B2B sales, value proposition development can provide a quantified, tangible saving of money and/or time will supercharge your market traction and escalate your growth more than any other single factor.

YTKO have been helping businesses of all sizes develop compelling value propositions for over forty years. Shouldn’t we be talking?

The Outset team have been incredibly helpful, offering me great advice and tips on marketing my business. They continually show unrelenting positivity and are great role models for any business newbies.

Amanda Vemilion

Founder, Proper Job Parties