Growth Planning

Growing a business must be based on a clear and effective strategy and roadmap, fully aligned to the success goals for the founder/founding team.  There are several models that can be used to focus growth activities and investment and we will help you understand which is likely to be most effective for your business.

This decision will be strongly influenced by your levels of ambition, funding, innovation, market need and fit, and most critically, identified areas of strong competitive advantage.  Translation of such advantages into a compelling value proposition is the key to successfully scaling your company.

You then need a laser focus on your target audience, underpinned by a deep knowledge of their needs and wants, and which marketing tactics investment will give the best ROI in terms of cost of acquisition and lifetime value. 

Growth planning is also about managing risk and change, and ensuring that you have addressed or mitigated any threats or weaknesses in your business before embarking on growth.  

YTKO will help you through all steps of this planning process to get you ready for growth.  Alternatively, you can sign up for one of our Growth Accelerator courses, and work alongside peers at the same stage of the journey as you, with all the additional benefits that brings.  Or if you’re into self-help via e-learning, GrowSmart will take you through every step of the way.

Brilliant Growth Accelerator session which really helped me to focus my thinking and work out the direction for my company.

Growth Accelerator workshop participant