GrowSmart is our national online learning platform, giving SMEs the knowledge, skills and know-how to scale up their businesses.  It teaches proven and practical ways to reach markets and increase sales and profitability as well as how to maintain and improve productivity. Equivalent to an intensive two week course, the platform enables users to create detailed business growth, marketing and finance strategies and execution plans.


GrowSmart delivers modules and content in bite-sized portions to maximise the flexibility of learning. Users also have access to a library of professional in-depth articles covering a wide range of additional topics in great detail, continually being updated. These range from intellectual property (IP), big data, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), capacity planning, exporting, improving resilience to procurement and supply chains, leadership, management and human resources skills.

GrowSmart is unique in that it is completely tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. It gets to the heart of what you really need to learn and then takes you right to the resources and articles that will help you do just that. 

Lisa Cable

Radfield Home Care