Creation of resilient, prosperous businesses drives social and economic regeneration

Bev Hurley CBE, CEO of YTKO Group and Chair of the Institute of Economic Development (IED), the UK’s leading body for economic development and regeneration professionals working for local and regional communities, is a strong advocate for supporting the creation and growth of sustainable and resilient businesses as a means of driving shared local prosperity.

The collapse of the UK’s industrial and manufacturing economy and the transition to a global knowledge-based economy has left many inner city – and rural areas – blighted by unemployment, riddled with poor housing and the average citizen being increasingly excluded from more prosperous areas, let alone the already socially and economically disadvantaged. Nowhere is this more obvious than in London, but it is a major problem throughout the UK.

Following her keynote speech at the Regen 2017 Conference in Cardiff on 3rd October 2017 as IED Chair, Bev has extended the topic into a paper titled ‘Creation of resilient, prosperous businesses drives social and economic regeneration.

You can read the full version of the paper here.