The challenge of low carbon operations

Throughout YTKO Group’s public sector work, there’s a constant call to embrace ways of working that are low carbon. How do we achieve this, with our clients and with our work, without adding cost, complexity or compromise?

YTKO Group’s first premise is to look beyond the simplistic short-termism of many low carbon initiatives: there’s a great deal of greenwash that achieves little except a press release. Our main thrust comes from ensuring that our clients know the business benefits of low carbon working: both our start-up clients and our bigger SME and corporate customers.

An obvious, but often unfulfilled, gain is greater use of online services – from staff homeworking through to effective collaborations. YTKO Group has over 80% of all staff able – and fully supported – to be able to work from home or on location. We have IT that fully supports remote working – laptops, smart phones, and iPads are all in productive daily use, connecting securely to our local and national databases and applications.

And we share our best practice with our clients and funders: for our Outset start-ups, we run low carbon business opportunity workshops, for example.  We have created a comprehensive resource guide providing them with a wealth of local, regional and national links to information, top tips for running an environmentally sustainable business, tools and suggestions for resource efficiency, and lists of other organisations that can provide specific low carbon support.

We deliver as much of our work as possible at the heart local communities, thus avoiding unnecessary travel by our clients. All venues are easily accessible by public transport.

Secondly, we consider the “triple-bottom-line”: as marketers, we look for low carbon  value propositions which can generate environmental (conservation), economic (sustainable use) and social (benefit sharing) returns. For two of these three we’re already able to calculate effective returns on our work for our customers: adding environmental is not a big leap.

And lastly, YTKO Group looks at the technology that can achieve low carbon outputs. We are used to scouting, assessing, refining and taking new technologies to market in many sectors: low carbon is one of those where we have a track record of early adoption and market understanding.