YTKO Group selected to bring USA enterprise support to the UK

Enterprise in the UK

The landscape for new enterprise in the UK has never been more diverse, or so well placed to deliver much-needed growth. Yet government policy and public funding tend to polarize this potential in the SME economy, by weighting support and funding towards enterprise at the disadvantaged, deprived and remote end of the spectrum – and the top 6% of “high growth potential” businesses at the other end.

Against this backdrop, the number of self-employed people in the UK has hit more than 4 million – and more experienced professionals are choosing to work for themselves, rather than join long queues on the job market.

Unlocking potential for self-employed professionals

When we were approached to deliver the FastTrac programme, created by the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest philanthropic organisation devoted to enterprise and innovation, YTKO Group saw the potential to support this ‘missing middle’. YTKO Group became the sole UK licence-holder for the three Kauffman FastTrac products, which have helped more than 300,000 new US entrepreneurs over the past 16 years.

YTKO Group’s CEO Bev Hurley explains: “Careful evaluation of the FastTrac programmes revealed materials ideally suited for professionals: people who may not qualify for publicly funded support, perhaps because they are leaving corporate careers or military service with a redundancy package, or due to early retirement – or because their ambitions revolve around innovative, intellectual-property based enterprises, that are too early-stage to access the support or funding they need.

“Professionals with experience in business or a profession respond well to the levels of study, self-discipline and commitment required, because the course emulates real-time business scenarios so well. We believe in tailoring all our services to our clients’ needs and backgrounds, and FastTrac provides a great opportunity to serve this growing clientele.”

FastTrac to enterprise in the UK

YTKO Group delivers three Kauffman FastTrac programmes:

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