Kendia Christodoulou – Kendia Consulting

Kendia Consulting is a purpose driven career consultancy operating across Bristol and the Southwest. Kendia Christodoulou, the founder, offers support writing CVs, cover letters and interview preparation

“Over the years, 70% of candidates that Kendia has supported have been empowered to land their desired jobs, switch careers or successfully enter the employment market.” She works with clients on a 1:1 basis (students, graduates and working professionals) through group workshops within corporate organisations, educational institutions and community groups. 

In her own words, Kendia’s journey in business “has been insane”. She has spent a vast amount of time reading, learning and making many decisions that have been key to setting up. Although optimistic and positive, she acknowledges that it’s not an easy ride, nor has it been for her. She states that “you are going to make mistakes, overcome obstacles and challenges and come back bigger and better on the other side.” – a lesson that she feels she will continue to learn for the rest of her life in business. She has also realised that “being open minded, persevering and having the will to learn are key in business.”

Kendia has taken advantage of the wonderful community that Bristol has to offer by networking and as part of the engagement with North & East Bristol Support, attends the monthly Get Social | Women’s Bristol Networking event.

South Bristol Enterprise Support (SBES) have played a huge part in this journey so far and I am so thankful for the advice, support, encouragement and resources that they have provided me with. They have answered many questions or concerns regarding being a start-up so I would highly recommend them to anyone who is starting up in business or has any questions to get in touch with them because they’re absolutely amazing.” 

In looking to the future, Kendia hopes to grow and establish Kendia Consulting by authentically supporting as many individuals as possible during their career journey. Her plans are for it to be a nationwide organisation that truly encourages and supports individuals to put their best foot forward whenever they’re applying for jobs and interviewing, no matter what their experience may be. 

Kendia’s vibrant personality, incredible knowledge and drive to support others has been the basis for her success. If you would like to hear more about Kendia Consulting or reach out directly, her website can be found here You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

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