Digital Readiness

Many companies have already started ambitious initiatives to improve their digital business. Does your company have digital readiness?

YTKO has significant experience in guiding SMEs through the crucial phases of their digital transformation. Our approach aims to achieve quick and effective progress within their day-to-day interactions and unlock innovative ideas:

Helping with your digital readiness

  • Digital Strategy: We help businesses develop the most suitable strategy for how to promote their ideas throughout their business, improve efficiency and the pace of innovation. This includes both process and business model innovation.
  • Data Management: Considering information as a strategic asset enables companies to unlock commercial opportunities. YTKO supports clients in the identification and evaluation process, comparing data management alternatives and assessing their feasibility.
  • Customer Analytics: Customer data has huge potential, but apart from basic data, often there is very little information available. However, data collection and management can be improved significantly. Modern analytics tools can help SMEs reveal this potential and better understand the needs of their customers.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales: YTKO offers a broad spectrum of services targeted to improve SMEs’ marketing and sales performance, including launch strategies for websites and innovative digital marketing.

YTKO are very innovative when using marketing technologies and systems and come up with fresh solutions to boost our demand generation campaigns

Pascal Cerruti

EMEA Marketing Programs Director
Analog Devices