Stephen Taggart – Rundeavour, an online gift store for fitness enthusiasts, was set up by Stephen Taggart to sell clothing, drinkware and accessories.

In 2019 Stephen Taggart noticed a punny pin badge on a racer’s bib. As he stood there smiling, he realised he wanted to share that feeling with other runners. A feeling of joy and support. A feeling he calls ‘Runcredible’. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Stephen now runs, an online gift store for fitness enthusiasts, selling clothing, drinkware and accessories. The vision of the business is to inspire the running community by making gifts for runners, to support them through their sporting challenges. 


This is a world Stephen feels totally at home in as he is an avid Ultra Marathon runner. He’s clocked 16 marathons and endurance races to date. With recent accolades including running 75 miles in the Suffolk Backyard Ultra 2021, 100 miles at Centurion A100 2020 and placing 47th/198th at Chester’s GB 50 Ultra 2021.

Running a business is often likened to running a marathon. Something Stephen knows all too well. He explains, ‘’When you start a small business you quickly realise there are a lot more moving parts than you’d initially think.’

By enrolling on to North and East Bristol Support (NEBS), Stephen has been able to access a wealth of online learning resources, interactive workshops and 1:1 support with expert business advisors.

‘’The support really helps put things into perspective and allows you to plan ahead for the short, medium and long term giving you a really good idea of some of the challenges you will face and perhaps some of the areas you may need help with. The support provided has been excellent and has really helped me focus…I only wish I had found the support sooner!

Using the support has helped me finally create a business plan and strategy I can be proud of and the 1:1 support has been fantastic, pushing me to ask for feedback and to grow my social media campaigns out a bit more too.’’

Today Stephen is focused on growing the business and evolving it into a truly powerful brand. When looking towards the future Stephen said, ‘’ It is now a journey and a creative passion, searching for new and unique gifts to provide joy to proud runners wherever they are on their journey of self-discovery. It’s also just a lot of fun, and I am very excited about the future!’’

Have a look at Rundeavour on Instagram to see the latest updates, promotions and giveaways or visit their website here

North and East Bristol Support is fully funded by Bristol City Council and West of England Combined Authority under Universal Business Support. Running until March 2023, the programme is offering workshops in marketing, finance, branding, business planning and strategy and much more, as well as access to e-learning platforms, 1:1 advisor support and networking groups. 

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