Response to Redundancy

The foundation of a good redundancy service is the ability to help the individual move on as quickly as possible and help to make the next stage of their career a real success. Our specialist response to redundancy service can help you achieve just that.

With the UK entering the worst recession in living memory, it is critical that when businesses are faced with making and managing redundancies, they offer individuals all possible alternatives for their career. For too often, this has largely simply focused on retraining, CV writing and job searching support – continuing in employment – but working with YTKO can enrich this tired offer through tailored support to those at risk to help them explore and learn about starting up their own business.

YTKO works with local authorities, HR consultancies and corporate clients to integrate our support into their overall response to redundancy service.  We provide a highly responsive package, tailored for different types of employees, including our Entrepreneur Potential Assessment, award winning Outset start-up training workshops, new business finance to enhance redundancy settlements, our online training platforms, and 1:1 support.

We’ve helped several thousand individuals thinking about using their redundancy situation to start up their own business. Each individual gains from a wealth of knowledge from our consultants, who all have first-hand experience of starting and running their own successful companies.

The Outset team really gave me the confidence to explore my idea and they have been there to encourage me and give my business the direction it needed.

Daniel Godliman

DG Firewood