Accessing Supply Chains

Great bid writing is a key skill within the sales function for any business involved in formal commercial tenders and contract opportunities, either as direct suppliers or to get into larger organisations’ supply chains.

For those bidding into the public sector, there are also increasing requirements for value for money, accountability and transparency, and a growing emphasis on social value as part of the scoring assessment. SMEs can demonstrate significant advantage through their innovation, flexibility, comparatively lower costs and ability to deliver social value.

However, breaking into supply chains can be really challenging, and each bid must be carefully crafted to affectively address the individual buyers’ needs. We create persuasive, compelling narrative which showcases your company and highlights your key differentiators and competitive advantage. In addition, bid questions have word or even character limits, requiring succinctness of writing. 

Buyers need to be reassured not just of functional competence to ‘do the job’, but also on quality, risk, standards and compliance, whether the SME is financially robust, and that the contract is not going to be a major part of their income.  In essence, businesses need to be ‘supply chain ready’ to stand a chance of success. 

We help our clients to understand and effectively address the risks to buyers, how to assess whether a bid is worth going for, what policies you will need, and how to write compelling and successful tenders.