Procurement of “Specialist start up and post start delivery consultancy”

November 1 2016

Tender Notice



Outset Cornwall 4 Start Up Support Project Consultancy

Contracting Authority


Person to contact

Kate Perkin –


Outset Cornwall 4 is a European Regional Development Fund project to deliver a range of start up support services to individuals living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (CIoS).  We are working in partnership with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders, including the Growth Hub and the providers of other business support services.

Outset Cornwall has previously been successfully delivered for almost ten years in the region and has a first-class reputation for the level and reach of the individuals supported under the programme, its partnership working, and the outputs and outcomes that the project achieved.  Outset Cornwall, as part of our wider Outset services, has delivered benefits much wider than the typical outputs required by European funded programmes, and has been independently evaluated by the New Economics Foundation in respect of these wider economic and social benefits that it delivers to local economies.


We now wish to procure the delivery of some elements of pre-start, start-up and post-start training and coaching support services based on the following specialisms:

All tender applications must demonstrate that staff delivering have experience of the following:

And at least three of the following specialisms:

Deliverers of this contract must be able to engage and support residents across CIoS, and will be an integrated part of a locally-based team.  The contract will last for 12 months, and depending on performance, and at YTKO’s absolute discretion it may be extended for a maximum of two additional terms.

The target audience is individuals who are or may be thinking of becoming self-employed or setting up a business in CIoS and come from under-represented or disadvantaged groups and the very early stage businesses.  The start-up training support delivered under this contract must therefore be tailored, flexible and appropriate for a wide range of individuals, including under-represented groups and those furthest from the labour market such as:

In addition, because of the wide range of our individual clients and the specialist nature of some of their needs, the highest quality of service and the experience of the delivery team is of paramount importance, particularly in terms of accessibility, flexibility, and post-start support. 


The maximum budget for year 1 is £360,188.  Applicants may apply to deliver a proportion of the outputs for a lesser amount, providing a clear justification as to why, what they are proposing to deliver, where they are proposing to deliver and the number of outputs they are proposing will be achieved.


Bidders must adhere to the following timetable:

Expression of interest – 10am 01/11/19 – Midnight 14/11/19 (2 weeks) email

Deadline for questions – Midnight 21/11/19

Deadline for electronic tender submission – 5pm 29/11/19 this can be submitted either via or via the following link

Presentation for shortlisted candidate(s) – 03/12/19 All bidders that score within 5% of the highest score will be invited to present

Contract award decision by 06/12/19

We envisage that delivery of the contract will commence on 01/01/20.

We welcome bids from organisations, consortia, individuals for the whole or components of this contract.  In all cases, those with whom the contract is signed will be responsible for the quality, delivery and performance of the contract.