Procurement for mobile phones

March 1 2016

Call for Quotation

In accordance with its procurement policy, which can be downloaded here, YTKO is seeking to procure the supply of 55 iPhone mobile phone handsets for our staff.

This provision will be for a period of three years, but with the possibility of a break clause at a maximum of 18 months in the contract. We require unlimited calls and text facilities, and a 6GB capacity on each handset.

Please provide any costs for upgrading our handsets to iPhone 6S.

The most economically advantageous quotation will be selected. This call for handset supply will close on April 1st, 2016.

If you have any questions about this contract, please email

Final Quotations should be emailed to before the closing date, or sent by post to:

Ms. Hannah Begum
HR Executive
YTKO Limited
Unit C Brookmount Court
Cambridge CB4 2QH.