GetSet KnowHow

Working in isolation with sometimes limited resources places start-ups and SMEs at a huge disadvantage: while big-budget competitors surround themselves with the right people to achieve their commercial ambitions, smaller businesses frequently lack the connections and people to fully realise their potential.

That’s why we launched GetSet KnowHow, an extension of our GetSet for Growth service aimed at helping businesses access essential commercial know-how from people who know how. 


GetSet KnowHow connects businesses to a whole raft of experience: plugging into exceptional business knowledge and skills from a community of mentors, sector experts, non-execs and investors. These experts share their time and expertise in order to help guide and accelerate business growth. The businesses that benefit from GetSet KnowHow revel in the opportunity to discuss strategy and tactics, management and production, operations and finance; with someone who has been there, and knows the score.

When recruiting our experts, we look for people that are senior, smart and successful; people that are experienced at helping others to overcome challenges, define a vision for success and set realistic objectives and milestones. We seek out people who are happy to share their hard-won experience to help other businesses:

The KnowHow Board

The KnowHow Board is an additional part of the GetSet KnowHow suite of services. It has been designed to support clients who do not yet have formal boards of their own, giving them access to experienced board directors under authentic board conditions. This is invaluable for clients, particularly those facing a major challenge, decision or project undertaking that may dramatically affect the future of the business. Business owners gain insight into the process of strategic evaluation and management, understand the value of a board, learn how they operate and the level of expertise that’s required, and benefit from significant external expertise.

To find out more about GetSet KnowHow, visit the GetSet for Growth website.