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The world of media and digital never stands still. And neither do the businesses within it. But with rapid change comes opportunity.  

Business models are changing as players decide whether content or delivery is king. Mergers and acquisitions are increasing, as big companies expand and new outfits spring from established businesses. Some are thinking about exiting the media stage, while others are following the money worldwide. Meanwhile, the fight for talent rages on as leading companies sweep up the best people. The sector continues to evolve and for those who are agile, growth is accelerated.

Opportunities are emerging from unexpected quarters and you need quick responsive advice, a strong network and a dedicated team of specialists to gain and maintain competitive advantage.  That’s where YTKO can help media and digital businesses. Providing support, making connections and unlocking potential for growth is core to the way we help our clients. We understand your business needs today and what you need to grow tomorrow.

Optalysys evolved from a University of Cambridge spin-out known as Cambridge Correlators Limited (CCL). Optalysys was incorporated when the team refocused on large scale HPC applications. YTKO helped their growth over an 8 year period, including raising £500k growth finance.

Optical processing comes at a pivotal time of change in computing. Demand for AI is exploding just as silicon-based processing is facing the fundamental problem of Moore’s Law breaking down. Optalysys is addressing this problem with its revolutionary optical processing technology – enabling new levels of AI performance for high resolution image and video-based applications.

The technology is being developed to accelerate some of the most demanding processor-intensive tasks at a fraction of the energy consumption of silicon processors. It can be programmed through the API or Tensorflow interface to perform optical correlation and convolution functions to unlock new levels of AI and pattern recognition capability.