Although construction is booming in markets around the world, many companies within the industry have learned through bitter experience to hold back on investment in preparation for the next downturn. YTKO works with the UK’s leading construction and building products firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.

YTKO is currently leading the Enabling Housing Innovation for Inclusive Growth programme comprising a group of 13 partners, including nine leading modular housing companies and two software companies. The project will undertake an extensive programme to deliver major Research, Development and Innovation in the use of Modern Methods of Construction.  

By trialling new methods of house building, the project aims to improve the speed, cost and social value of nearly £78m of housing set to be built in the city over the next five years. Using traditional methods, it has not been possible to provide enough homes to tackle the housing crisis.

YTKO is also leading the Building Growth South West Programme supported by CITB and in partnership with Building Greater Exeter. The programme has been developed to encourage those who might not have considered construction as a potential career path to see the incredible opportunities that it can present.

Social Value in Construction

Bev Hurley, CBE, CEO of YTKO, recently headed new important construction industry research, resulting in publication of “From the Ground Up – Improving the delivery of social value in construction.”

The report which was the culmination of twelve months work by the IED, co-authors Arup & Atkins, together with partners Commonplace and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, exploring all aspects of social value in the construction sector. Bev led on this research,  in her role as Chair of the Institute of Economic Development (IED). 

A key highlight of the report was that there is currently no comprehensive definition of social value which creates a lack of focus in its execution and subsequent evaluation. It calls for rapid change in procurement, delivery and monitoring processes, to enable this.