To date, YTKO has supported over 22,500 businesses, with 3-year survival rates much higher (76.3%) than the National average (59.1%).  Whilst the majority of our businesses clients have a turnover of less than £100,000, a sizeable minority are higher than this, with nearly 5% reporting sales in excess of £1 million.

We help our clients grow their businesses successfully by providing support in the development of effective strategies and tactics, finding more profitable customers, managing working capital and accessing growth finance, taking risks, hiring great people and focusing everything on satisfying their customers’ needs and wants.

We have experience in assisting business clients from a range of sectors, including retailconstructionmanufacturing, health & social care plus digital & media.

In addition to increasing confidence, knowledge and skills, we’ve helped clients secure finance, improve their sales, marketing and growth strategies, increase their turnover and profitability. Our high quality, professional services provide invaluable commercial insights, knowledge, and flexible, practical support, with a wealth of first-hand experience to help grow our clients’ bottom line.

The growth of YTKO supported businesses is estimated to have increased by £282 million Gross Value Added (GVA) and created over 10,300 jobs.

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