Procurement Opportunities

The quality of any purchased supplies, services and/or works and, the selection of suppliers, partners, associates and subcontractors is of great importance to YTKO Ltd.

Some of our project work is funded by European and/or UK government money and we comply with the European Treaty principles set out below and the ESIF Compliance Guidance Note relating to procurements (ESIF-GN-1-007).

The Company shall satisfy the following Treaty Principles:

a. Equal treatment;
b. Transparency;
c. Non-discrimination;
d. Mutual (recognition of non-UK qualifications)
e. Proportionality

In addition, the Company shall:

a. Provide sufficient information in the advert to the market about the tender opportunity to enable interested bidders to apply;
b. Put in place processes to manage potential conflicts of interest
c. Impartially assess each bid against the same criteria; and
d. Select the winning bidder on merit.

Across all our public and private sector work, YTKO Ltd designs any purchasing and procurement activity to ensure that SMEs are not deterred from participating or being efficient and effective providers to the Company. The Company shall also operate its corporate policy to ‘buy local’ when possible for smaller purchases such as workshop venue hire, catering or cleaning services, whilst ensuring we satisfy the Treaty Principles and Procurement Guidance and ensuring that contracts are awarded on merit/value for money.

Please find details of all our current opportunities below.

We have no current opportunities.

Instructions for applicants:

To respond to any procurement opportunities advertised on this site, please first read the relevant briefing document or specification carefully. Please then ensure that your proposal, quotation or tender is submitted to YTKO exactly as specified in the briefing document, which may be by email or post or both, in the manner and by the time specified.