Digital Communications

With the rise of digital marketing and social media, your stakeholders expect a more connected approach across all communications. Digital communications for business is a key consideration for how you present your company to you target audience.

In the modern world, your website provides a virtual window into your organisation whilst online PR and social media define your brand persona and reputation more than anything else. Digital communication is now fundamental to any communication strategy. It offers the opportunity to interact directly with your audiences, often in real-time, in highly innovative and engaging ways.

More than likely your organisation is already using some social media platforms, but it is always worth taking a fresh look to see that these are being used to best effect. You may have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and you will probably start to see which work best for different purposes.

There are many elements to consider in the digital communications for business mix and it is an area that is constantly evolving. Ensuring your brand reputation continues to grow and that you are making the most of all of the marketing channels available is a full time job and an area where YTKO can provide support and advice.

We have worked with YTKO as an extended team for over 15 years and they still come up with very creative ideas to develop our digital marketing campaigns, online advertising and event designs on a regular basis.

Pascal Cerruti

EMEA Marketing Programs Director, Analog Devices