Productivity Readiness

YTKO Group offers specialist, niche expertise in productivity readiness improvement. We provide a transformation from your current to an improved state of productivity and service performance. From here, we engender continuous improvement, with an agility to manage change.

We will work with a business to understand their company DNA, unique personality and brand values.  We use a structured approach to help businesses look at their end-to-end processes to identify and eliminate anything that does not add value to products or services.

  • Lean and Supply Chain Improvement insights.
  • Help to embed a culture of continuous improvement and capability within businesses.
  • We offer training courses, specialist advice and mentoring and run workshops and networking events about how to get the most out of available resources.

Addressing non-value-adding areas within a business typically results in a productivity improvement of at least 25-30%. This approach has helped both local and global companies to become more efficient, competitive and profitable.

GetSet For Growth has been excellent in giving it to us straight, telling us what we needed to hear.

Adam Snelleksz

Founder, CMA Video