Investor Network

YTKO works closely with a range of business angels with seed funds in industry and universities, research councils and with venture capitalists looking for investable deals from innovative, high growth potential companies. We have our own investor network and non-executive (NXD) network and have invested finance and expertise directly to build our own investment portfolio, currently valued at more than £40 million.

Raising equity is very different from raising other types of finance, but it can really accelerate the growth of your business. If an external investor is getting an attractive deal and you get to scale your business for an eventual more profitable exit – it’s a win-win scenario. However, there is a lot of hype around private equity and what type of business is suitable – most businesses are not.

We know what investors are looking for and what you need to do, as well as where you need to be, in order to be investable. We know what makes a good investor and NXD too – it isn’t just one-way traffic. We’ll support you all the way, helping you create compelling value propositions, teasers, pitch decks and business plans, getting you pitch-perfect. We also take you through term sheets, valuations, data rooms and much more, and whether formal equity or the P2P equity route is your best option.

Best of all, if you happen to be located in one of our GetSet For Growth project geographies, you can all this support for free!

How our investor network can help:

  • A safe, trusted, established and credible alternative finance option
  • Additional support by offering our skills, expertise and experience to help you to achieve your business ambition
  • Access to our associate angels for investment into your business and to share the risks involved with you
  • Support to become pitch-perfect in order to ensure the best possible opportunity in securing investment
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Referrals to other services within our GetSet For Growth portfolio

The GetSet For Growth team helped me focus my marketing ideas and reassure me on some of our financial processes. We’ve gone through a really exciting opportunity for growth with an investor coming on board and our business growing by over 150% year on year.

Ben Franks

Co-Founder, Novel Wines