Brand Management

Technical folk emphasise features. Sales people extol the benefits. But customers are savvy: they want a demonstration of real, quantifiable value before making a decision in your favour.

Value Propositions communicate a quantifiable benefit – value – to a prospective customer. It’s a value they can identify that is important to their business, and key to their decision-making process. Value is the most meaningful metric to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

A good value proposition resonates highly with your customers’ requirements, particularly when it’s proven in similar applications or market segments. Getting the value proposition right is the result of sound prospect knowledge and market understanding rather than ‘gut-feel’ – and the foundation of all effective sales and marketing. Value is developed within a company through product innovation, operational excellence and customer intimacy.

Brand Management Workshop

YTKO can deliver a one-day brand management workshop, to introduce your key sales, marketing and product personnel to the principles of developing, testing and defining a strong value proposition. We can tailor the content to make it relevant to your sector providing insight and learning for your team on how the value proposition, and understanding its role can impact on business growth.

I worked with the GetSet For Growth team to get a clearer idea of my target customers and what appealed to them – this knowledge has helped me to develop new services and generate more repeat business.

Louise Jones

Food for Thought Cookery School