Social Value & CSR Development

Your social value and Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CSR) development is one of the fastest growing areas of business today, bringing with it a huge range of challenges but also great opportunity.

For many, corporate social responsibility (CSR) presents an opportunity for a business to strengthen relations with stakeholders at every level, having become an integral part of developing company strategies and partnerships.

As customers, employees and suppliers begin to place more value on corporate social responsibility initiatives, businesses have looked to CSR as a means of strengthening the company whilst contributing back to society.

When CSR is strategically considered with an effective strategy, it supports increasing company performance as well as generating positive social value.

YTKO works with businesses, charities and social enterprises to assess social impact with a simple process tailored to reflect the distinctive added value generated by each of our clients.

Our approach is to use company information, surveys and creative data analysis to understand the ways in which clients change lives. We focus on putting in place tangible measures to track social progress across a range of issues including employability, health, community safety and mental well-being.

At YTKO, we are committed to genuinely getting ‘under the skin’ of your business, creating strong, meaningful strategies that will enhance your market positioning and competitive advantage, whilst also delivering increased efficiencies to reduce cost. Your social value and CSR development is key to the future survival of your business.

Social Value in Construction

Social value is lacking in definition, understanding and reporting in the construction sector, leading to disparities in what counts as social value activities with no focus on improving the wellbeing of the most disadvantaged. These are the findings of a report recently launched by Bev Hurley, CBE, Chair of the Institute of Economic Development (IED) and CEO of YTKO. 

“From the Ground Up – Improving the delivery of social value in construction” carried out extensive research across the construction sector and made five recommendations, as well as highlighting examples of good practice in social value.

The research brought together the IED, led by Bev, co-authors Arup & Atkins, together with partners Commonplace and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, exploring all aspects of social value in the construction sector.

Thank you for your engaging, exciting and informative workshops. It had lots of practical examples, enabling those attending to understand the true benefits of sustaining the planet.

Katrina McWhinnie

The McWhinnie Consultancy