Sales and Business Development

What’s the difference between sales and business development? Business development tasks are meant to spot and qualify new opportunities. Sales tasks revolve more around understanding the prospect’s needs and winning them over.

Business developers need to understand who the ideal target is, so they can focus on leads that the sales team can close. In the same way, sales reps need to quickly assess whether a lead is worth pursuing or not.

Surprisingly, not every organisation is clear about who they’re targeting.  In most situations, “new opportunities” means more than “new clients.” It also includes: 

  • Getting new partners
  • Entering new markets 
  • Developing new products

Why not let a YTKO business development expert work with you to develop ongoing strategic plans for your sales and business development? We can streamline processes, enhance brand awareness and mentor your sales team to focus on growth. 

Thanks to GetSet For Growth, we now implement our marketing activities in a smarter and more strategic manner that yields results.

Shabnam Ahmed

Head of Corporate Immigration, Hartley Bain Solicitors