Opportunity and Business Case Assessment

A market opportunity and business case assessment is the process of synthesising market research and client data to identify opportunities for growth in a specific market or business area and formulate an actionable strategy to realise this growth.

Road-mapping is a strategic planning process that aligns a product or service with market need, now and in the future. SMEs and start-ups reap substantial benefit from using this industry-standard approach: a multi-layered, time-based chart that links market needs, resources, time and activities with business goals.

Understanding and making the most out of opportunities in a constantly shifting environment and market requires an intrinsically creative, flexible and methodical approach. Not many organisations – no matter whether they are start-ups or corporations – have the time, the resources or the expertise to conduct a broad and thorough market opportunity assessment.

Developing your opportunity and business case assessment

YTKO can provide the research and analysis for you, and assist you in the development of a full business plan from your opportunity and business case assessment.