Marketing Strategy and Planning

Marketing strategy and planning for growth starts with an honest appraisal of your business, your ambitions and your options. YTKO supports your thinking and decision making by helping to answer two key questions: ‘Which markets are right for me now?’ and ‘Where should I be selling in the future?’

Market analysis and competitor research provides reliable, qualitative intelligence into prospective markets and channels. Market fit determines priorities and resources. Intelligence identifies new markets for existing products or services, robustly validates existing or new markets for innovation, and underpins and de-risks your business development strategy.

Developing your marketing strategy and planning

YTKO Group’s strategic modelling uses all of our business and marketing skills: value propositions, segmentation, distribution and channels, product and service innovation, customer relationship marketing, core competence audits, competitive analysis, collaboration, and costs and pricing.

We validate needs and applications before recommending market entry, creating a robust marketing strategy to close the gap to your customers and put your business on a defined path for growth. Our marketing strategy and planning assessment can help your business gain a better understanding of performance and potential.

GetSet For Growth helped me to break down my planned activities & create a more structured and manageable marketing plan for my future.

Rebekha Gooden

Co-Founder My Gammie’s Ltd