Business Strategy and Modelling

For many companies, irrespective of size, the lack of an effective business strategy and modelling, or an underestimation of its role and importance, stifles growth. Your business strategy and modelling for survival is crucial to how you growth as a business.

At YTKO Group, we are always asking the question: β€˜Is there a better way to do business?’ Our business model prototyping helps to develop, test and then confidently implement a better business model that fits your resources, brand, funding and, most importantly, your customers.

Getting the business strategy and modelling for survival right transforms a business, and when communicated effectively, maintains corporate clarity. Everyone understands what they are doing – and why they are doing it.

Defining milestones and timescales, and allocating budgets and resources will become second nature, as you work through your strategic planning process with YTKO. Our objectivity and experience, from invention to profit, produces a pragmatic, achievable plan: the roadmap for your mission, on a single page.

Let YTKO model, test and revise your business model design and development, as a key element of creating your business strategy.

GetSet For Growth changed our company philosophy by ensuring that we understand that failures do occur on the route to success and we can be equipped to handle that. They put us in the right direction, by empowering us with knowledge.

Christopher Larbi

Founder, Work Out Here Ltd