Programme and Project Management

YTKO Group provides programme and project management for ventures of any size.  We work as an extension of your team, helping you to achieve impactful and measurable results. 

Our programme and project management services can provide the following:

  • Design of evaluation frameworks that enable you to meet your objectives, including impact measurement, establishing reporting mechanisms and processes and report template design.
  • Implementing multi-method evaluations that demonstrate the impact, performance and development opportunities of your project
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of project stakeholders, including beneficiaries
  • Facilitation of stakeholder feedback activities, including managed sessions and focus groups, interviews and events
  • Research services, including analysis of data collected by your programme, benchmarking the project’s performance against trends, and evaluation of project challenges and opportunities.

I believe YTKO’s excellent management of the preceding BYEF programme had a tremendous impact in terms of stimulating innovation in the region and helping academics think about the commercial potential of their science.

Mr Paul Thorning

IPI Director, University of Bradford