US-based AspenTech hires YTKO Group to support European expansion

AspenTech, the market leader in manufacturing process optimisation software, has selected YTKO Group to identify new SME prospects and opportunities for its entry-level software solution, aimed at engineering firms across Europe.

As the world’s leading supplier of process optimization software for the energy, chemicals, engineering and construction industries, AspenTech’s integrated aspenONE software package is the world’s leading solution for the implementation of manufacturing best practice in terms of optimized engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Headquartered in the USA, AspenTech is bringing its SME-level product for smaller engineering firms to Europe – and has commissioned YTKO Group, as an integrated, experienced technology-marketing organisation with specific SME expertise, to identify potential new customers

YTKO Group’s multi-lingual, in-house team has leveraged various European information sources, including trade publications, online databases, industry organizations and professional social networks, to build a targeted, segmented database of list sources and relevant companies.

The new database has delivered more than 13,000 relevant prospect companies segmented by country, with over 2,500 contact names now being followed up by AspenTech’s Inside Sales Team.