Supporting private sector growth

During their 40-year history, the Danish based company has worked in sectors as diverse as marine, wind energy, construction, defence, leisure and transport, allowing them to capture the imagination of customers from across the board. More recently they have developed solutions for clients such as Vestas, Huntsman Advanced Materials and Siemens Windpower.

Now, with the advance of rapid manufacturing, EL-BO has the opportunity to offer high value manufacturing services. This investment in growth will allow them to maximise the market opportunities that composite materials offer.

YTKO Group are identifying new market applications for EL-BO and potential customers, as well as developing their brand and supporting their entry into these new markets.  Chosen for our specialisms in research, early stage proof of market and value proposition development, EL-BO are looking to YTKO to help create an effective growth strategy for the company.

Virginie Vinel, Head of Strategy at YTKO Group, commented: “Making a parallel with the market introduction of digital printing, which I was involved in during the 1990s, the rapid manufacturing with composite materials is a disruptive innovation: it is changing the role of companies in the manufacturing value chain and gives them the ability to exploit new and more profitable market segments.”

The composite industry is currently in growth stage, with a shipment value of US$17.8billion and annual growth of 10.3% last year. Potential applications are numerous within building construction, wind turbines, oil rigs, bridges, aerospace and trucking/automotive parts.

In addition to high performance and reduced weight, manufacturing with composite materials can solve some serious challenges, for example, in reducing the cost of deep water constructions and resistance to weather adversities.