Redundancies pose threat to local communities

For those already out of work, particularly the long-term unemployed, the prospect of finding employment will become even more distant as competition for jobs toughens. Unemployed people from disadvantaged groups – lone parents, NEETs, BME, disabled, the over-50s – are competing with thousands of public sector workers now coming into the labour market.

For the longer-term unemployed, and for young people leaving school or further education, it’s a future with bleak employment prospects.  The knock-on effects in wards of multiple deprivation will worsen, with substantial funding cuts to grass roots and third sector organizations, charities, and mainstream business support provision alike.

For economic development professionals seeking cost-effective solutions to reach those furthest from the job market, the Outset programmes now running across the UK inspire people to give themselves a job, rather than wait for larger private sector firms to expand.

An enterprise coaching and intensive start-up support programme such as Outset offers long-term business start-up sustainability and survival rates, good returns on investment, and a lasting social and economic impact within local communities. Outset continually creates sustainable self-employment and hubs of entrepreneurial activity in some of the UK’s most deprived areas, up-skilling and developing the confidence and personal abilities of all clients.  Learn more about Outset clients’ enterprise journeys from one of our media sites.