Latest unemployment figures prompt debate for self-employment

Lee Hughes, Head of Enterprise at YTKO Group, believes that this is in part due to the streamlining of services:

“A lot of businesses are scrutinising their business models and seeing where part-time positions can work as effectively as full-time positions.

“An alternative option to being forced to work part-time can be to consider self-employment.

“The easiest way to make the transition from being employed to self-employed is to take part-time work. If you are working part-time then you are already cutting the costs and risks associated with that transition.

“A lot more people are looking down this route, particularly if their skills are not being utilised in a full-time capacity in any one given position.”

The ONS also reported that the number of people unemployed for up to six months increased by 66,000 to reach 1.23 million. This is the largest quarterly increase in this series since the three months to June 2009.

“This opens up a whole range of issues about the support available for the long term unemployed,” says Lee.

“Not having any employment experience on your CV makes it more difficult to get back into work.

“This is made harder still when certain industries move so quickly that you cannot keep up with all the changes that are happening.

“This is when setting up you own business can also become a viable option.”