Fabulous and Award-Winning at 40!  

YTKO are celebrating forty years in business with two major new awards to add to our growing list of accolades, and the achievement of our second mission milestone!

The prestigious ACQ Global awards are the single largest program of their kind in the market, celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance since 2006. They aim to recognise the achievements of those who are responding most successfully to the demands being placed on them in the new post-recession business environment.

There is a completely independent nomination process, a structured and rigorous model of assessment and evaluation that enables the participating organisations to be benchmarked against world class performance standards.

We’re delighted to announce that YTKO Group has been voted UK Strategic Business Development Consultancy of the Year, and our CEO Bev Hurley, CBE, as UK Gamechanger of the Year.

The news came at the same time that a second milestone in our corporate 2020 mission has been achieved. Back in 2006, YTKO embarked on a mission to support 20,000 British businesses across the UK to grow through more effective business development strategies, help them unlock over £50m of finance to invest in that growth, and through our support, expand to create over 10,000 new jobs for the UK economy.

The first milestone to be achieved earlier in the year was the finance target, with the amount raised now a staggering £64.5m. And in December, 20,644 businesses had been helped to grow, so the second mission goal is now accomplished. The number of new jobs created by those clients currently already stands at over 9000, so with two full years left to go and an expanding portfolio of services, it seems just a matter of time.

Bev is looking forward to setting the company on the right path for another successful 40 years. She says “It’s always fantastic to win an award, let alone two, and especially when you have been put forward by others and benchmarked against your peers. I’m so proud of the whole YTKO team and the tangible impact they deliver for our clients, as evidenced by their expansion and job creation, they are all absolutely committed to going one step beyond and delivering a first class service.”

When asked what the secrets are for such long-term success, especially in a challenging, uncertain and rapidly changing marketplace and economy, Bev was in no doubt about her top three:

An absolute, relentless focus on market-driven innovation – spotting market gaps and unmet needs, then creating products and services which address those needs far better than any other alternative. Secondly, hiring the very best people you can afford, then trusting, rewarding and empowering them to get on with doing what they do best. And lastly, always keeping a strong eye on the financials and forecasts. Markets, people, and money are the three essentials of business success no matter what size you are or sector you’re in“.