Business news: YTKO Group wins new contract with AspenTech

A global supplier of process optimisation software to the process manufacturing industry, AspenTech has commissioned YTKO Group to help identify and engage small and medium-sized engineering companies across Europe. The campaign will support AspenTech’s drive to grow its European product business within the SME space.

AspenTech software solutions are used by most leading enterprises in the process manufacturing industry, in markets ranging from chemicals, engineering and pharmaceuticals, to refining, mining and universities. To meet the requirements of smaller businesses, Aspentech has bundled its industry-leading enterprise process optimization software into a convenient, affordable desktop package, AspenOne Engineering, for individual engineers and small workgroups.

“At a time when businesses are challenged to do more with less, AspenOne is an affordable, easy to install solution, backed by the training and support to accelerate its value to the business,” says Virginie Vinel, YTKO Group’s head of strategy.

“AspenTech’s timing is immaculate, when business in Europe is under such pressure. And as a company immersed in SME culture, in both the public and the private sectors, YTKO Group is very well placed to understand and leverage the importance of access to such a powerful tool in a smaller business.

“This is a product that has been bench-tested by the best!”

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