Outset Online

Our innovative online learning tool, Outset Online, ensures that the service we deliver is accessible to everyone in the community – even if they can’t attend our Outset workshops. It’s the same award-winning content delivered in a user-friendly, highly interactive and social platform, encompassing over fifty hours of learning.

Outset Online is designed to equip people from all backgrounds with the vital skills needed to run a successful business. It can be used as a support tool for clients participating in our Outset workshops, but it is especially suitable for clients who have barriers to accessing traditional face-to-face support, or who may require additional or more intensive support, including;

  • Those who prefer to be out of a classroom setting
  • People with physical or mental disabilities
  • Those who have caring responsibilities or health issues
  • People who can only learn at home, such as single parents with childcare difficulties
  • People who are facing redundancy
  • People who want to explore enterprise as an option while they are still in employment

Like our full Outset programme, Outset Online is designed to help users navigate the essential steps of starting a business, helping them to initiate and refine their ideas, understanding their audience and competition, as well as creating strong sales, marketing and financial plans. As clients navigate through each stage of Outset Online, they are able to put their learning into practice with a range of activities and exercises that ultimately help them construct a ready-made business plan, which can be printed off or exported as a PDF.

Most importantly, Outset Online offer an online network of mentors, advisors and other business owners that our clients can connect with in our user forums, in order to discuss any questions or ideas. This aspiring and inspiring community of entrepreneurs really helps people overcome barriers such as isolation and a lack of confidence.

Key features include:

  • More than 140 Outset videos tutorials to reinforce learning and help user consider new concepts
  • A range of online business calculators that make financial planning much easier
  • Interactive quizzes and activities that help users put their learning into practice
  • Downloadable guides and resources for helping users learn new skills
  • An online social networking community of mentors and other business owners with whom to connect and share ideas and questions

There are three ways you can access Outset Online free of charge.

Alternatively for just £85+VAT you’ll have all the tools you need to, for more information, visit the Outset Online website.

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