British Bankers’ Association mentoring programme

In late 2014, the British Bankers’ Association approached us about partnering with them to deliver a pilot mentoring programme in London.

The programme matches ‘mentors’ (employees from HSBC, Lloyds, Santander and Barclays), with new and established small business owners from all backgrounds, sectors and turnovers. The initiative is designed to ensure these businesses have the support they need to start-up, sustain and grow, and for BBA, it’s a strong opportunity to give something back to the local business community.

As a Group, we have a leading reputation for our expertise in mentoring services, honed over many years and across several different services. Our mentoring services are integrated within our start-up support provision, Outset and its Ambassador programme; our Start Up Loans delivery vehicle, Outset Finance; our investment readiness services, GetSet for Growth and its associated KnowHow network; and our national Enterprising Women community, offering specific mentoring support for female business owners.

We are driving the execution of the BBA mentoring pilot, and by cross fertilising it with our existing support services, we ensure a strong pipeline of SMEs that can benefit from this initiative.