Unlocking the potential of the forgotten UK SMEs

Micro, small and medium sized businesses account for 94% of the UK’s businesses, yet publicly-funded growth support for this diverse and vital sector of the UK’s economy is noticeable by its absence. We believe in embedding sustainability and unlocking growth potential right from the outset: 25% of the clients we engage through our Outset service create additional new jobs within their first 18 months in business.

Our growth and investment readiness service, GetSet for Growth, takes our support to the next level by helping established, ambitious businesses to further harness their potential through a focus on markets, money and people. We also deliver public sector growth programmes such as Unlocking Potential, Superfast Broadband demand stimulation and business training with Destination Digital, and ‘Understanding Finance for Business’ through our Outset Finance programme – all designed to enable businesses to create new ideas and new jobs, enter new markets, and increase profitability and growth.

Our Enterprising Women’s Growth Programmes are tailored specifically for women in business, and for mixed gender groups, we offer the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac GrowthVenture programme. For more established, ambitious businesses – especially those in the knowledge economy – YTKO Group also delivers a range of private sector growth and consulting services through Versio.

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