We’ve been working with Optalysys for nearly eight years – since they were called Cambridge Correlators and based in Yorkshire – and among other things, we’ve helped them raise half a million pounds to support their growth to date.

About Optalysys

Optalysys was formed to bring Big Data supercomputer processing to the world. They are developing optical high performance computing hardware that will revolutionise the market by operating at levels well in excess of what can be achieved with electronics at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption, and the first products are expected to launch in 2017.

Optalysys technology uses light, rather than electricity, to perform processor intensive mathematical functions (such as Fourier Transforms) in parallel at incredibly high-speeds and resolutions. It has the potential to provide multi-exascale levels of processing, powered from a standard mains supply. The mission is to deliver a solution that requires several orders of magnitude less power than traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures.

Optalysys has evolved from a University of Cambridge spin-out known as Cambridge Correlators Limited (CCL). Optalysys was incorporated when the team refocused on large scale HPC applications. Significant design advances have since been made which will lead to this technology being small, easy to calibrate and much more rugged than previous designs. As part of the restructure, the patents developed by CCL have been acquired by Optalysys Ltd with full support of the CCL board of shareholders