Transform your market,
disrupt your competition.

At YTKO Group, we are always asking the question: ‘Is there a better way to do business?’. Our business model prototyping helps to develop, test and then confidently implement a better business model that fits your resources, brand, funding and, most importantly, your customers.

You may need to abandon traditional thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation. Or analysis and prototyping may show that it is best to re-shape and renovate an existing model.

YTKO Group’s business modelling uses all of our business and marketing skills: value propositions, segmentation, distribution and channels, product and service innovation, customer relationship marketing, core competence audits, competitive analysis, collaboration, and costs and pricing.

These building blocks are assessed, analysed and used as the raw materials for developing new approaches to markets, helping you to exceed your customers’ needs.

Let YTKO Group model, test and revise your business model design and development, as a key element of creating your business strategy.

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