When going for growth needs investment

Every business needs customers to make money. But launching new products and services, increasing market share or expanding into new markets often requires an increase in start-up or working capital.

To date, YTKO Group has helped clients raise more than £40m in funding, from a wide range of sources: to achieve commercial success for technology start-ups, to help people be their own boss, small companies to grow and growing companies to expand their markets.

We unlock access to finance by making businesses investment-ready, with compelling, de-risked propositions that show how repayments will be made, milestones met and returns generated for equity investors.

YTKO Group works closely with business angels; with seed funds in industry and universities, research councils and with VCs looking for good, early stage deals from innovative, high growth companies. For example, we leveraged more than £10m in funding from a range of sources, for IP emanating from Yorkshire Universities.

We run an angel investor network in the East of England – and have invested finance and non-executive directorship (NXD) expertise directly to build our own investment portfolio, currently valued at more than £10 million.